Untangle Your Data,
Make It Work For You

DataExchange helps institutions securely and transparently share data.

We help you to meet your GDPR obligations through our transparent and accountable privacy-first approach. Share your data with confidence.


Connect Your Data

There is an increasing number of applications that support teaching and learning, but using them often requires more effort and data entry.

Reduce time and effort by securely connecting your school data to DataExchange.

You can easily connect your existing school data to a range of applications so that you can spend more time using them than managing them.

Write Once, Right Everywhere

DataExchange helps to synchronize your data across different systems. This Reduces data entry and increases data consistency, leading to more usable systems.


Data security

Institutions remain in control of their data. Only the data required by an application is shared, and can be revoked at any time. Easily generate reports to see what data your school is sharing and to which applications.

All data is encrypted. Sensitive data (e.g. protected characteristics) has additional encryption.